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Order West shift to accelerate the textile enterprises need to upgrade
The weather is warmer, Chinese textile export industry is still cold. Following the 2008 orders transferred to the Southeast Asia, now, part of the European fashion brand began to withdraw to the west, in the contiguous to explore the appropriate manufacturer, many countries and regions of the periphery is becoming a new fashion manufacturing center. And this undoubtedly to the enterprise of the domestic apparel orders splashing the poured cold water.
For European brand apparel production line of the westward movement of the phenomenon, Research Institute of the Ministry of commerce international market department director Zhao Yumin, pointed out that "with Chinese labor costs continue to increase, and Southeast Asia and other countries competition has no advantage, now with the gap between countries in Europe and America is also getting smaller and smaller, coupled with the industry chain of China continuous move upstream, order to the world transfer is an inevitable trend."
China Textile Import & Export Chamber of Commerce, the Secretary General Zhang Xian also believes that orders is the westward movement of the results of the current domestic and international environment interaction, Chinese enterprises in order to achieve the sustainable development of the characteristic economy, simply relying on cheap win was no longer feasible must rely on industrial transformation and upgrading.
European order return
"The volume of the order of the two years has been in decline last year, down two percent, this year, more optimistic, about a drop of about six." As a 80% of business orders from Europes garment enterprises, turning to this years orders, Shanghai Shun Hong garments business person in charge of Mr. Lin kept sigh. He said that in the past two years, Chinas small and medium garment enterprises increasingly difficult days, you can use very hurt to describe.
Compared with Shun Kang Fujian Shishi clothing, a business situation is more bleak. Two years ago, the garment industry is still doing, and now the phone call to know the person in charge has been changed to electronic industry. The companys original responsible person said: "at the beginning there is no way, profit is too thin, 2006 to do a European outdoor clothing can earn two or three hundred yuan, in 2009 the worst when only a few cents, sometimes in order to win customers, some orders are not making money, even so with customers still could not agree on the price, finally can only do."
"The price ratio in China, no longer let us feel satisfied with the." French fashion brand Jean Charles recently moved overseas production business to Hungary, the production head Lopez (CelineLopes) in an interview with reporters this said.
This reporter visited the located in Beijing Dongzhimen H & M, Zara and other European international brand stores, found that the origin of the clothing varied, in addition to Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Bulgaria and other European origin also impressively in the column, once "madeinchina (made in China)" one country alone big scene has ceased to exist. "Foreign origin products accounted for about 90%." ZARA a staff member in the store said.
Known as the labour intensive textile industry, low labor costs once the "ace" of Chinese apparel enterprises and other countries competition, the "trump card" from 2005 began status instability, Southeast Asia Manufacturing Industry in 2008 after the rise of even more insignificant, such as this seems, cheap manufacturing seems to be moving away from China more and more far.
According to the relevant statistics show that in the past five years, Chinas national payroll index average annual rate of 15% growth. According to the French Fashion Institute - Institutfrancaisdelamode (IFM) estimates, 2011 China coastal areas monthly salary level has soared from 240 euros in 2005 to 400 euros.
According to the introduction of a garment processing enterprises in Fujian, an ordinary clothing machinist now the minimum wage has reached 1800 yuan, 1500 yuan last year, 2010 only 1200 yuan, the wages of workers in the past two years rose basically in about 25%.
"Its a price competition that we have no more advantage.." Known as "the worlds largest OEM factory" the CHENFENG group chairman Guo Yin said, "in terms of labor costs, we but Southeast Asia, Vietnams labor cost is only about half of China; in transportation costs, we more than native to Europe countries, like Turkey to Spain just three days away, and we walk sea at least 45 days."
Yin Guoxin also told reporters frankly, 90% of the companys customers from the United States and Japan, Europe even less than 10%, so the impact on the enterprises own is not large, in January and February this year, orders also increased revenuely, but growing labor costs and raw material costs or let companies feel great pressure.
"Rising costs of transfer orders of a factor, but is not the only factor, Europe and the United States nearly two years of economic downturn, the unemployment rate continues to be high, EU countries is in urgent need of manufacturing back to solve the employment problem, is also an important reason." Zhang Xian further analysis.
Some industry insiders pointed out that the transfer of European orders and its own market demand. Because of the fast changing of fashion trends, some European fashion brands "West withdraw" mainly in order to deal with the local market fashion industry is becoming more and more quickly changed.
Italian LaPerla underwear brand designer Bianchi (GiovanniBianchi) in an interview with Reuters, said: "in Turkey and Tunisia garment production cost certainly higher than made in China, but to (China) for a pay increase considering the amplitude,, actually cost did not much higher and Turkey and Tunisia from Italy to closer, more convenient for us, can better control the quality.
Low-end orders transferred into large trend
Some industry insiders have said that China has skilled workers and good||||